The MDAO is Here!

Wolverine Blockchain has made its own Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This is essentially an investment fund using the power of smart contracts. This allows members to invest their money in a decentralized fund. Shareholders vote on how investments are made and how the funds are held within the DAO. Check out the MDAO here:

For more information on the MDAO, check out this document:

Ready to become a member? Checkout our tutorial!

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Who are we?

We are a group of undergraduate students at the University of Michigan hellbent to make sense of blockchain and its implications.

People have often toted:

Blockchain is the future.

But have you actually heard a compelling argument why that should be remotely true?

Not that we have a perfect answer (and anyone that thinks they have a perfect answer is kinda wrong), the goal of our community is instead to satisfy this quote.

If you take the time to sit someone down and explain to him/her how blockchain works. I believe 95% of the people you explain to will agree with you, blockchain is a great idea.

Loosely transcribed from Olaf Carlson-Wee, founder of Polychain Capital.

We are here to talk about why blockchain is a great idea, and also why it might not be a great idea.

What to expect from us?